Arrange your energy utilities

Arranging your utilities: gas, water and electricity

Have you moved house, or will you be moving shortly? Don’t forget to arrange your utilities.

Gas, water and electricity are essential in a rental property. How do you arrange this? It’s simple: look around, compare and decide which provider you want to use. Good news: we can also be a great help in this area too, because you can benefit from the purchasing power 123Wonen has. Benefit directly and view the easy to use energy comparison below, which looks to find the best provider for your house. The energy comparison below compares the following providers: Essent, Nuon, NLEnergie, Pure Energie, Budget Energie, Kringloopenergie, Oxxio, Delta Energie,, Qurrent, E.ON, Greenchoice, Engie and UnitedConsumers.

Water providers

You’re going to move house, or have already moved house and want a better deal for your gas and electricity bills. You can switch providers. Take a look at the offers below to see which is the cheapest for your new home! You may be wondering if you can change water supplier too? That isn’t possible. This is because each region has a certain water supplier assigned to that region. To see who your region’s water supplier is take a look at the consumer group ‘Vastelastenbond’ website. If you are interested in the costs of other water suppliers in other regions, you can always compare these online.