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Geerstraat , Heerlen

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Geerstraat Heerlen
  Geerstraat  Heerlen Rented
€ 850,-
Geerstraat Heerlen
  • TypeAppartment
  • Interior Upholstered
  • Living area59 m²
  • Rooms 2
  • Bedrooms1

Description Geerstraat in Heerlen

Spacious, ready-to-rent apartments in Heerlen, fully upholstered for starters

The former office building of the UWV in Heerlen has been transformed into 44 independent apartments. A stone's throw from the city center of Heerlen. The apartments are all new, with great attention to sustainability, safety and quality. A unique location with all facilities, including the core shopping area and the station.


The Geerstate residential complex is located in the center of Heerlen. Within walking distance of the train bus station (200 m), the Corio shopping center (300 m) and the city theater (300 m). Heerlen is the heart of Parkstad Limburg, a very green area and a popular place for walking and cycling in the open air. Heerlen writes CULTURE in capital letters. Every year there is a lot of cultural offer, such as the annual Cultura Nova festival. Theater Heerlen has a wide and varied offer, something for everyone. Various annual sporting events such as Limburgs Mooiste make Heerlen a lively city.

Heerlen is a popular shopping city with a wide and varied range of shops. In addition to the pleasant shopping streets, there are several larger shopping centers such as the Corio Center and Het Loon. There is an extensive residential boulevard that attracts millions of visitors every year.

Hybrid residential complex

The building from 1992 is the former home of the UWV. Now that the UWV has left the building, the opportunity has arisen to transform it into a hybrid residential complex with independent apartments. Parking spaces can be rented (optionally) in a closed area. A general bicycle shed (full is full) is available for the residents of Geerstate. A collective outdoor terrace is available on the 4th floor, exclusively for the residents of Geerstate.

Building layout

The main entrance of the building is easily accessible on the ground floor from Geerstraat. Through a spacious tour portal, you enter the central hall where two lifts are at your disposal. The doorbell panel is equipped with the latest technology. You can see who is at the door and control access via your own smartphone. Post boxes are available for everyone at the entrance door.

The centrally located entrance marks the building on the corner of Geerstraat and Schakelweg. Two wings are positioned from the hall. A short leg parallel to the Schakelweg in a western direction and a leg parallel to the Geerstraat in a northeasterly direction. This creates a very varied orientation for the different residential apartments. This enhances the experience of the city from within.

Layout apartments:

The apartments have approximately 59 m2 of usable area. Enough choice. The apartments are suitable for two people. The house is oriented to the city side. You can fully enjoy the view of the lively Geerstraat. Housing quality is paramount for all apartments, as well as safety and sustainability.

Living area including kitchen. You enter your living space from the spacious central corridor. Before you enter the living space, which is flooded with daylight, you enter an entrance zone where access to the toilet and storage room is located. The living space is characterized by a clear height of more than 3100 mm, which adds an extra dimension to your apartment. The house has three tilt windows so you can fully enjoy the sun and fresh air, everyone according to their own needs. The floors in the living area are finished with high-quality PVC laminate. Easy to maintain and installed in a sound-damping version. The interior walls and the corridor walls are made of metal-stud walls covered with plasterboard, depending on the function with single or double cladding and insulation. The ceilings are made of concrete. All walls and ceilings are finished with fine white paint. The interior doors are white rebated doors with a height of 2200 mm.

The bedroom. Is finished identical to the living space. The bedroom is equipped with an openable (sometimes round) window, which adds an extra dimension to the space.

The bathroom. The bathroom has a shower zone and a washbasin. The shower is equipped with a thermostatic mixer tap and a detachable shower head. The floor is finished with black tiles with a stainless-steel shower drain. A shower wall can easily be placed at your own discretion. The walls are tiled all around to a height of 1200 mm with sleek white ceramic tiles, dim. 245x325 mm, in the shower area up to 1980 mm. The washbasin with luxury cold and hot water mixer is 60 cm wide. The color is bright white. A design towel radiator completes the picture. The ventilation has a booster position for extra ventilation while showering.

The kitchen. The kitchen is part of the living area. The kitchen comes standard with a 4-burner induction hob, a combination microwave, a stainless-steel extractor hood, a ¾ built-in dishwasher, a built-in refrigerator and a stainless-steel sink with a luxury mixer tap. There is ample storage space for your kitchen equipment. Furthermore, a design wood-look countertop is used with accompanying back wall. A space for a washing machine or washer-dryer completes the picture. In short, a kitchen to look forward to.

Toilet. A floating toilet with an environmentally friendly flushing device is provided as standard. The tiles of the back wall up to 1200 mm are identical to the bathroom. The other walls of the toilet area are finished with fine white paint. The toilet room is connected to the mechanical ventilation in your home. A removable hatch (750x750 mm) has been installed in the toilet room, behind which the HRV unit is placed.

Storage. This room is ideal for storing household items, seasonal items, etc.

Installations per apartment:

Electricity Your home is equipped with a power supply that can provide all modern conveniences. Sufficient wall sockets and light connection points are a standard part of your installation. In the kitchen, a group cupboard has been installed in each apartment, which is hidden from view. As a result, your power supply is safe and independent of the other apartments.

Central heating (CV) A combi boiler is placed on each floor. The individual apartments are individually connected to this hot water supply. On the one hand, the power source for your hot tap water via a circulation pipe, on the other hand, the heat source for your central heating system. Radiators are installed in the house.

Ventilation Every home is equipped with a heat recovery ventilation unit (WTW). The house has a central unit where fresh outside air is drawn in for a constant fresh air supply in the house. The fresh air is fed through a heat exchange system along the exhaust air, so that the temperature loss is minimal.

TV – internet – telephony Each individual home is provided with a wired connection point for TV, internet and telephony. Place your own modem and install a WiFi facility and you can enjoy the whole world.

Safety Your apartment complies with the applicable regulations for fire resistance and escape options. A smoke detector has been installed in your apartment.


Communal facilities:

Bicycle storage. A communal locked bicycle shed is part of the standard facilities of your residential building according to the principle full = full.

Parking lots. A fixed parking space is optional to rent during the term of your lease. The open air car park is located at the rear of the building and is accessible via an access control system.

Roof terrace. On the fourth floor, on the west wing, there is a roof terrace with a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding hilly landscape. A visit to the terrace will immediately put you in a holiday mood. The evening sun will put you in a mild mood while you can enjoy the view and city life. The roof terrace is exclusively intended for the residents of the complex in order to guarantee safety and privacy.

PV panels. The building will be equipped with approximately 100 solar panels that will be connected to the communal power supply. This way you generate part of your required power directly and is used immediately.

Camera surveillance. Your building is permanently monitored with a closed camera system. This should enhance the residents' sense of security. The rear area (parking), the bicycle shed and the surroundings of the main entrance and the residents' entrance are permanently monitored.

Mailboxes. Each house has its own mailbox near the main entrance. The mailboxes are robust and well lit.

Doorbells and key system. Your residential building is equipped with a keycard access system “Doorbird” for both entrances, the parking lot and the bicycle


Rental agreement information:

Duration The rental agreement is entered into for a maximum period of one year, after which an indefinite extension is possible after approval by the landlord. The lessor cannot terminate the agreement within the first year. Taking into account a payment period, the tenant can cancel the rent free of charge within this period.

Commencement date The effective date is in principle as of the 1st of the following month. The houses are available with immediate effect.

Rent The rent is to be paid in advance per month. The rent per apartment can be found on the floor plans.

Deposit.  The deposit is one-off and must be paid within 5 days after entering into this agreement and is for each apartment at least 2 times the monthly rent and 2 times the fixed costs.

Fixed costs per month (price level January 2022)

     Fixed charge for energy supply                                            € 90.00

     Fixed fee for the supply of heat and hot water                     € 20.00

     Inventory, services and furnishings                                      € 35.00

     Service costs                                                                        € 10.00

Other costs The costs for taxes and government levies are exclusive and must be paid separately by the tenants to the relevant authorities. The costs for internet and TV are exclusive and are to be paid individually to the preferred provider contracted by the tenant(s).

Parking Optionally, you can rent a parking space for each apartment, while supplies last. The rent per month is € 75,-. The landlord reserves the right to rent out parking spaces to non-residents of Geerstate if there is insufficient interest.

Pets Pets are not allowed without written permission from the owner

Smoking Smoking is not allowed in the building and the rented property.

Rental procedure Rental condition: income at least 3x the monthly rent, whereby any partner's income is included for 50%. A screening is part of the procedure.

123Wonen Limburg acts as a rental agent for the owner with this accommodation. So no agency fees apply for this object. If you want to rent after the viewing, the deposit on the first rent is €150 to reserve the house.


This description has been compiled with the utmost care. However, no rights can be derived from it. 123Wonen Limburg and/or the landlord accepts no liability whatsoever for any incompleteness, inaccuracy or otherwise, or the consequences thereof.


Are you interested? Then fill in your details via the form. 123WonenLimburg will then contact you by e-mail.

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  • Max. rental period 12 Months  Verlenging in overleg mogelijk


  • Type Houses
  • Type Appartment
  • Construction year 2021


  • Availabilty Immediately
  • Max. rental period 12 verlenging in overleg mogelijk
  • Interior Upholstered
  • info In overleg beperkt mogelijk


  • Energy label A
  • Boiler Combi hr
  • Boiler fuel Imz_spec_cvketelbrandstof_val_1
  • Boiler year 2021
  • Hot water heating Ja
  • Present isolation Dakisolatie, spouwisolatie, glasisolatie


  • Rooms 2
  • Bedrooms 1


  • Living area 59 m²
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  • District and neighborhood
  • Population
    Avg. household size
    1,3 persons
  • Retail
    Large supermarket
  • Income
    Avg. income
    €26.900 p/y
  • Transport
  • Living
    Avg. home value

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