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Advice about insurance

Every branch of 123Wonen works closely with independent financial advisors. We can get you in contact with them, without any commitment required.

They can advise you about relevant insurance for tenants or landlords. They can also provide advice about mortgages or investment in property, or legal insurance for landlords.

Insurance for tenants

The following insurance is often compulsory in tenancy agreements: liability insurance and contents insurance.

For landlords

Do you want to rent out your property? You should always provide details about renting out your property to your insurers. This will prevent that any damage caused won’t be covered by the insurance. Whether your property is rented out fully furnished or part-furnished, it’s recommended to be well-insured. You can consider the following insurance: contents insurance, home insurance and liability insurance.

Do you have any questions about insurance, or do you need some help? Contact us!