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 5 / 5   

Very kean and friendly!

 9 / 10    Wilcox
 5 / 5   

Perfect rented out my house which I bought a few years ago in Holland

 10 / 10    Rashis
 5 / 5   

My experience with ExpatRentalsHolland.com was amazing. They helped choosing the house and settling in. They weren't only helpful in finding what I looked for but also great in ensuring our happiness and well being after moving here. Overall a magnificent experience

 10 / 10    Steve Woodward
 4 / 5   

With 123wonen Groningen we had an amazing experience. My couple and I were looking for a house, we saw a post, send some emails and in about 2-3 days we were ready to move! The company was very honest and reliable. Good and easy communication and they replied to all our questions. No problem with dealing with an English speaker. No "special-barely legal-fees" required. In general, everything was smooth and easy!

 8 / 10    Luis Silva
 5 / 5   

I sent a request to rent an apartment in Groningen - and got one at the first try.

 9 / 10    Anonymous
 5 / 5   

It was a pleasant experience from the first impression I had from the phone conversation. Agent was flexible with scheduling, and punctual with timing. All communications were professional and friendly. Also, Agent was helpful with Dutch to English translations wherever necessary.

 10 / 10    Anonymous
 5 / 5   

We were looked after by Bart Christiaans in Haarlem. The service was exceptional . Bart was professional , helpful, and made the whole process of moving to Haarlem easy and hassle free. I would definitely recommend 123wonen.nl to anyone and particularly if you are an expat and need help setting up utilities and need flexibility . This company and Bart were 5 star.

 10 / 10    Liana Falconer
 5 / 5   

123 Wonen provides consistently highly professional service. The communication is clear. The ensure that I receive high quality tenants and attend to issues urgently. They fulfil a very important role in keeping the tenant and me as the landlord happy. The company is a win for any person.

 10 / 10    Manie van Schalkwyk
 5 / 5   

Quick and customer service is good

 9 / 10    Chandrashekar
 5 / 5   

Very nice company. Quick service. You can trust them!!!

 10 / 10    Andras
 5 / 5   

123Wonen has found a suitable home for us !

 10 / 10    Alan Bessant
 5 / 5   

First approach by email with questionnaire about my situation. then I went to see the apartment and after only 2 days I received the positive feedback and from that moment one the renting part started.

 10 / 10    Francesca
 5 / 5   

Nice team of agents willing to help in every way

 10 / 10    Ferdinand
 1 / 5   

This is feedback on communication with a particular employee. Hopefully this does not apply to the entire company. Our communication experience with Ms. Lotta Hartemink was awful. She refused to answer our questions about a particular apartment we were interested in renting. During the phone call, she switched the call to the company department in another town, although we clearly indicated our interest in the apartment in Arnhem. Being confused by this phone communication, we approached Ms. Hartemink per e-mail, but she refused to give any information about the apartment in a rude an unprofessional manner.

 2 / 10    Ilya
 5 / 5   

Paul was very helpful, via the agency I rented a very nice apartment. He also explained to me what is in the contract which I appreciated.

 10 / 10    Evelin Ilyes
 5 / 5   

123Wonen helped in getting a roof over our head :)

 10 / 10    Gaurav
 5 / 5   

123wonen / ERH was very accommodating. They helped me to find a place within 3 days. Even though there was some dicsussion with the owner, after all everything was fine.

 10 / 10    Lauren
 5 / 5   

We don't know anything about to let a house in the Netherlands. The house we had for let was empty for three months and 123Wonen has let within one week.

 10 / 10    Frits R.
 5 / 5   

We have a house for rent. We don't know anything about leasing a house to tenants in the Netherlands. The help from 123Wonen was more then fine.

 10 / 10    Peter S.