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Lease your home

Have you made up your mind about leasing your home? Then contact 123Wonen! We can help you with all the activities involved with renting out your house. 

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50.000 visitors see our offers on a montly base, so this includes the house you want to rent out! There will always be a tenant that matches your wishes. We screen all our candidates extensively, so you can be sure of a proper tenant in your house. Because of the great number of visitors you can be sure to rent out your house within two weeks!

Rent out my house

What are the fiscal and legal consequences when you decide to lease your home? 123Wonen has a lot of experience with renting out houses. We support you in handling the lease or take this on us. This way we can make sure that everything is done according by the rules and that your morgage and contract will be handled correctly. 

Do you want to lease your home? Contact 123Wonen and we will get started for you right away!