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Relocation agency Amsterdam

Are you moving to Amsterdam as an expat? Leaving your home country behind and moving to the Netherlands is a big and exciting step. A relocation agency can help you with the transition to the Netherlands. Expat Rentals Holland is a professional Relocation agency in Amsterdam. We will help you find the right rental home and get acquainted with the Dutch housing market and culture. By hiring us as your relocation agent in Amsterdam, you will get all the help needed to experience a pleasant stay!

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Relocation Agent: Expat Rentals Holland

Are you planning on relocating to Amsterdam? Feel free to contact Expat Rentals Holland. Our relocation agents in Amsterdam are happy to provide you with more information about our services.


Relocation Agent: our method

Our relocation agents are native Dutch speakers who are experts in helping expats find their perfect homes. They will go out of their way to understand your needs and help find your ideal living space, whether it be a furnished apartment or house, temporary or permanent rental, or shared accommodation. Your relocation agent Amsterdam will help you by assisting you during viewings, conducting negotiations, explaining the rental contract to you and attending all important appointments. Expat Rentals Holland will ensure a smooth and pleasant transition to Amsterdam.

Benefits of hiring a relocation agent Amsterdam:

  • We can quickly find you a suitable home
  • We can give advice about rentals and locations
  • We can assist you during appointments, such as viewings
  • We can help you understand the rental contract
  • We can arrange utility contracts or furniture
  • We can help you while you’re still abroad!


Expats in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautiful city with its stunning architecture and historic canals. Being the capital city of the Netherlands, it is no surprise many expats relocate to Amsterdam. As an expat relocation agent in Amsterdam, we can help you decide what type of rental and what neighbourhood best fits your needs. Whether you are planning on moving to the city centre or one of the areas surrounding it, Expat Rentals Holland will help you get settled.

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