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Relocation Flevoland

If you’re thinking of moving to Flevoland, it’s a great idea to contact our relocation experts. The team of Expat Relocation Flevoland can help you find the perfect home and inform you about all things involved, in order to make your transition smooth and easy.

Due to our many years of experience, Expat Rentals Flevoland is always able to provide you with everything you need for a pleasant stay. Contact us now to learn more about our relocation services in Flevoland!

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123Wonen Flevoland
Randstad 22 9
1316 BN Almere
036 - 7609600

Robert van den Akker - 123Wonen Flevoland

Expat Rentals Holland: Relocation Flevoland

As an expat relocation agent, it is our job to help you relocate to the Netherlands. This includes finding a place to live, learning about the culture, and getting settled into your new surroundings.

With Relocation Flevoland by Expat Rentals Holland, our agents are there for you in every step of the rental process:

  • We look for a suitable house
  • We view the houses (with you or on your behalf)
  • We ensure the best deal in negotiations
  • We review the contract and explain it to you
  • We are present at the property inspections
  • We can arrange utility contracts and furniture

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Moving to Flevoland as an expat

Are you considering moving to one of the cities in Flevoland? Flevoland is the newest province in the Netherlands, as it was established in 1986. Over the years, cities like Almere and Lelystad have grown significantly. Nowadays, both cities are also a popular location for expats in the Netherlands, especially because they offer great public transport connections to places like Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Expat Rentals Holland is more than happy to advise you about the possibilities for Relocation Flevoland.

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Are you planning on moving to Flevoland? Contact Expat Rentals Holland! With our Relocation Flevoland service, we will help you find a suitable home, and give you advice during the process. We will make sure you are well-informed and we will help you make the right decisions. Feel free to contact Expat Rentals Holland for more information about our Relocation service!

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