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Relocation Hilversum

Are you an expat in Hilversum, looking for a suitable place to stay? Finding a house in the Hilversum can be a challenge, but Expat Rentals Holland is here to help. With our Expat Relocation Hilversum, we support you through every step of the renting process.

Due to our extensive network and our knowledge of the local housing market, we are always able to find you a new home. Contact us now to get started with your relocation to Hilversum!

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Het Gooi

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Olympia 2
1213 NT Hilversum
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Jaap Breunesse - 123Wonen Het Gooi

Personal relocation service

Expat Relocation Hilversum will help you settle in and adjust to your new life in Hilversum. Our relocation service includes:

  • Finding a house: Whatever your budget and needs, we will help you find a suitable rental home in Hilversum.

  • Doing the paperwork: Expat Relocation Hilversum will go through the Dutch rental agreement with you to make sure you understand everything. We review every contract to make sure it is safe and legitimate.

  • Settling in: Our Relocation Hilversum includes us helping you set up all your utilities. If needed, we can also provide furniture for your new home.

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Expat Rentals Holland Relocation Hilversum

There are many things that need to be arranged when relocating to Hilversum, and finding housing might be one of the most important steps. This can, however, also be one of the bigger challenges, especially if you're doing it from abroad. Luckily, Expat Relocation Hilversum can help. Based on your wishes and budget, we can do a custom property search and send you information and links to properties that match what you're looking for. If a property has caught your interest, we can go to a viewing of the house together with you.

In case you are still abroad, one of our agents will visit the property and keep you updated with videos. If you decide to rent the property, we will go over the rental agreement with you and make sure all the paperwork is filed correctly.

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 Are you relocating to Hilversum? Let Expat Rentals Holland help you! With our professional Relocation Hilversum, you will be settled into your new home in no-time. Feel free to contact us for more information about Expat Rentals Relocation Hilversum!

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