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ACM finally acts against wrongful rental agents


The authority Consumer & Market (ACM) finally acts against wrongful mediation costs that rental agents charge tenants with. Tenants have a vulnerable position, and rental agents abuse this position by charging wrongful costs.

Expatrentals Holland has had multiple contact moments with the ACM to act against these unfair practices. 

Research by the ACM shows that 70% of all rental agents still charge wrongful costs to tenants. The rule is that agents do not charge costs when doing commisioned work for the owner. This means that costs under the label of administration, contract or signing costs are also not allowed. 

There have been actions before against the wrongful mediation costs, but still a lot of rental agents have not changed their behavior. Consumers are encouraged by the ACM to report wrongful costs to the Consuwijzer. Here, they can receive advice about their rights as consumer and find information and sample letters to do right by them. The signals of consumers are an import source of information for the ACM, now also in the battle against wrongful mediation costs. The acts against these malpractices will be continued over the next months. 

Source: Authority Consumer & Market

Publication date 13/02/2019