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123Wonen grows further: opening of new Dordrecht office

After being awarded the biggest real estate rental agency of the Netherlands last year, we can now proudly say that we have found a qualitative expansion for our new office 123Wonen Dordrecht. Earlier, the region Dordrecht was being serviced by our office in Rotterdam, but local presence combined with national success is the power of 123Wonen so we can service our customers in an optimal way. 

Franchise-enterpreneur Jolien Heelan opens her 123Wonen office at the Visserdijk Beneden 44 in Dordrecht. She will help investors with investment objects on the high level you are accustomed to at 123Wonen. For management of existing properties and aquiring new investment objects she will be your guide. Jolien has over 10 years of experience as a realtor in rental objects and managment by running a succesfull office in Australia. 

123Wonen has now achieved national coverage, as the only real estate rental agency. Only region Zeeland is being serviced suboptimally by Bergen op Zoom at the moment, so in the region Zeeland there is still a spot open for a franchise enterpreneur. When you are interested, please e-mail to franchise@123wonen.nl.

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The parliament wants more attention for tenants in the middle segment

The parliament wants family households with low medium incomes, who currently earn too much for social housing, receive a chance for this anyway. For the one person households it will be more difficult to receive social housing with these new rules. The plans of the parliament consist of the plan to let the income norm for social housing (38.000 for all households) depend on the composition of a household. This way, people who together earn more than the norm still get the chance to live in social housing. According to minister Kajsa Ollongren this is to create more attention for the middle segment in renting.

In these plans, one person households are reduced in their chance to receive social housing. According to the Woonbond and Corporation Aedes this is a worrysome development. It is exactly this group that finds theirselve in trouble with finding a house. The parliament wants that not more Dutch citizens apply for social housing, but less. The policy should be based on actual succes rates. Besides this, the parliament organises a so called 'Emergency button' for the middle rent sector in all communities with high increases in price in the free sector. This way the parliament can determine a maximum price for a house. This rule only applies for houses that are new to rent. 

Source: AD

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ACM finally acts against wrongful rental agents

The authority Consumer & Market (ACM) finally acts against wrongful mediation costs that rental agents charge tenants with. Tenants have a vulnerable position, and rental agents abuse this position by charging wrongful costs.

Expatrentals Holland has had multiple contact moments with the ACM to act against these unfair practices. 

Research by the ACM shows that 70% of all rental agents still charge wrongful costs to tenants. The rule is that agents do not charge costs when doing commisioned work for the owner. This means that costs under the label of administration, contract or signing costs are also not allowed. 

There have been actions before against the wrongful mediation costs, but still a lot of rental agents have not changed their behavior. Consumers are encouraged by the ACM to report wrongful costs to the Consuwijzer. Here, they can receive advice about their rights as consumer and find information and sample letters to do right by them. The signals of consumers are an import source of information for the ACM, now also in the battle against wrongful mediation costs. The acts against these malpractices will be continued over the next months. 

Source: Authority Consumer & Market

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New concept for starters: rent first, buy later

Starters often make too much money to apply for a social housing, but too little to get a mortgage for a house. There is a new concept that can be of service to this group: Rent First, Buy Later (KoLat in Dutch).

This concept means that you rent a house first, and when you have enough money you can buy that same house. In the place Zeeland, in Brabant, The Netherlands, they started a pilot in 2017. There are 16 houses which are now rented out to tenants. They are waiting and saving to buy the house they are living in now. When that moment comes, the current tenants have the first option to buy. This way, the concept avoids starters having no good position at all. 

The Dutch government is enthusiastic about this concept. Almost all political parties voted end 2018 for a motion to investigate KoLat and similar alternatives further. 

Source: RTL Z

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Over a million fines for lacking Energy Label

The inspection 'Leefomgeving and Transport' handed out 1,1 million euro in fines to house owners. The owners did not apply for an Energy label when selling their house. This is mentioned by the inspection who hands out these fines to BNR.

"We have sent over 59.000 people a warning", says the spokesman of ILT in the broadcast of BNR. "After this a large group has filed for the Energy lable correctly". In the end, we handed out 2660 fines of 405 euro." The Home owners association claims to have no idea why this group receives a fine for over 400 euros while applying for an Energy label is quick and easy. 

Since 2008

It is mandatory for home owners to register an Energy label when selling or renting out a house, since january 1, 2008. The Energy label gives the new buyer or tenant insight in how economic a house is. The label is meant to stimulate energy saving measures. 


Source: BNR

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