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From next year, homeowners who want to take out or change a mortgage will be obliged to have a traditional appraisal report made. The Dutch Bank is now being driven by an exception to the new European guideline. According to Vereniging Eigen Huis, it costs a lot of time and money but does not yield anything extra. From June 2021, a traditional valuation report must be drawn up when someone wants to take out a mortgage. The report costs 400 to 500 euros, while at the moment a model valuation of a few tens is often enough. From 2022, this will also apply to homeowners who want to change their current mortgage, for example for a renovation. Source: RTL Z

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Because housing is an important need and we do not want to let you down in these turbulent times, our real estate agents will remain as active as possible for you during the Corona circumstances. General meetings In personal contact we will keep a distance of 1,5 meters minimum. We also like to greet you in another way than shaking ones' hand. Further, the precausions as advised by the RIVM will be taken into account: https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus/covid-19 Only employees of 123Wonen who are feeling 100% well will be working, in line with the advice from the RIVM. If you do not feel 100% well, we kindly ask you to not schedule an appointment in which you will be present physically. Of course we welcome you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.  Our employees will work from home where possible, therefore why we might be less reachable than you are accustomed to.  Renting out a house To ensure that your schedule will not be delayed, we will remain active in advice regarding housing and renting. Are you considering to rent out your house, our real estate agents will still visit you. It is, after all, necessary for us to see the house to give you the best advice. Also for the photography of the house our presence is necessary. We can have a personal conversation while still remaining the needed distance.  Viewings Viewings will be held with as little people at the same time as possible, preferably only the possible tenant(s). If you feel only slightly feverish, we kindly ask you to cancel the physical viewing.  When you prefer a video viewing, this will be facilitated by Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. You can trust that the present 123Wonen employee will fully and sincerely inform you about the "look and feel" of the house, so you can make a choice based on that information.  Key exchanges Contractual appointments will be kept, if you want to deviate from this considering the circumstances we can see if this is possible. 

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Soon for rent at 123Wonen Deventer! ''THE GREEN BUILDING'' As of the middle of april 2020, 27 new apartments and studio's will be delivered at the Diepenveenseweg in Deventer. The neatly finished houses are ranging from 40m2 to 60m2 and you can be the first resident! With the Nieuwe Plantsoen next door and the centre and central station a few minutes away, 'The Green Building' is located in an ideal way. The complex is the connection between het Nieuwe Plantsoen, the Ceintuurbaan and residential area De Heuvel. The houses The Green Building consists of 4 stories. In total, there are 25 apartments and 2 studio's available, ranging from 39m2 to 61m2. The rental prices vary from €590,00 to €782,00 a month. All houses are equiped with a heating pump, so there is no gas. The apartments and studio's will be deliverd with a PVC-floor. Also, the apartments and stuido's have a modern bathroom and kitchen with an electrical plate, fridge and sink. There is free parking just in front of the door!               Do you want to keep updated about the developments or arrange a viewing? Contact 123Wonen Deventer quickly via deventer@123wonen.nl!

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As of the middle of february, 123Wonen Breda has 100 luxury apartments for rent. These beautiful houses are located in the city center of Breda and focus on 'short living'. Luxury, design and a temporary character: this describes the project at the Dr. Jan Ingenhouszplein.  The apartments, meant for short-living, are perfect for expats who want to explore the citylife of Breda. In total there are 100 suites available between 28 and 68m2, ranging from standard to superior. The houses are available from €120 per night and can be reserved between 6 days and 6 months.  The first 16 apartments of this project are rented out by now. Are you also interested in living in Breda, the 'new school way'? Then contact 123Wonen Breda. More information can be found on this website , and of course in our advertisements.  

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January 23nd there was a 123Wonen franchisemeeting. At this meeting, all offices were brought up to speed with the latest developments, both internal as external. Affairs such as the label 'Verhuurveilig', customer reviews and Identity scans were discussed. Also, new franchisees were introduced. It was a succesful franchisemeeting after which everyone could go back to work with the right knowledge to service both tenants and landlords optimally.   

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