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Living on a recreational park will be legal

To help starters and elderly people get a house, government parties VVD and D66 want to legalize living on holiday parks. They have asked minister Stientje van Veldhoven (Living situations) to take action. A majority of the second chamber has agreed to legalising permanent living on recreational parks.

It is illegal to live on most holiday parks throughout the year. By estimate, 55.000 people illegaly live in a holiday home the whole year. This concerns older people but also starters who cannot find an affordable house. 

Holiday homes could be legalised already. But it costs a lot of time and money to change the destination plan, that is why most principalities don't do it. When living on a recreational park is legalized, this will gain the same rights as other inhabitans.  

Source: RTL Nieuws

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Successful training meeting for 123Wonen offices

On October 17th, 123Wonen organised a training meeting for all offices. Developments never stand still: that is why all our employees are kept up to speed with the latest changes and affaires going on in the work field. In the afternoon, Arco Kats from the Trainingsbureau.nl organised an elaborate training about meeting your clients' wishes. In this he made use of the DISC behaviour styles, a method in which you can recognize personality types.

All 123Wonen offices are totally up to speed with the latest developments thanks to this day filled with knowledge. We always work hard to serve our customers even better!

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Government intervenes on rental housing market

The Dutch government intervenes on the rental housing market. The rental prices will become less dependent on the WOZ-value and skewed renters will pay more rent in the future. With these regulations, the government wants to even the housing market. The problems on the housing market are one of the biggest issues of this policital year.

In the calculation of the maximum rental price, the WOZ-value of a house will only account for 33 per cent. Now, this is often the reason for big rental price increases. Skewers will pay a lot more rent. This is a group that can afford a more expensive house, but choose to stay and live in social housing. This group will pay yearly an increase in rent of 50 to 100 euros, with a maximum om 720 euros. This way, the flow on the rental market is promoted.

Source: Business Insider

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123Wonen Groningen finishes realisation of 5 new appartments

In september, 123Wonen Groningen will realise 4 new appartments on the Noorderbinnensingel in Groningen. 123Wonen will facilitate the renting of this project, named 'Het Grashuis'. The appartments are 50 m2 and have a common roof terrace. A penthouse will also be realised, this appartment will be ready in 2020. All appartments are energy efficient and are perfectly located at the noorderplantsoen in Groningen. 

For more information about this project you can contact our office in Groningen. 

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More houses in use as rental properties

According to the CBS, in 2017 almost a 100.000 houses which were not owned by a housing corporation were in use as rental properties. These used to be houses meant for sale. Rental properties which are not in the hands of a housing corporation have a private person, company or investor as owner. The CBS notes that the biggest movements on the housing market are mutations from houses meant for sale to rental properties. 

The amount of houses that are used as rental properties has grown enormously in the last few years. In 2014 this concerned over 62.000 houses, in 2017 the amount has grown to almost 100.000.

Source: CBS

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