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Below you will find our latest news.

Google buys new land in Holland to build datacenter

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has bought new land the size of 173 acres in the North of Holland. The goal is to build a new datacenter on this land, but this is not yet final. Google also owns a datacenter in the Eemshaven in Groningen, where they recently invested 500 million euros. 

Profit for the region
The new Google building will be located close to the A7 highway. A datacenter by Microsoft is also located here. When Google builds their datacenter, this will benefit the economic situation in the region. A lot of companies will profit from the construction: it will deliver approximately thousand jobs, and also a few hundred when the building is being used. 

Alphabet is expanding throughout all of Europe. Besides the Netherlands, the company has also bought land in Danmark, Sweden and Luxembourg. Also in Belgium Google invested in expansion. The reason for the datacenter growth is the ascending demand for services of Google, Youtube and Gmail. 

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123Wonen proud real estate rental agent of new transformation project in Deventer!

123Wonen Deventer will execute the rentals of a new transformation project by Curo Vastgoed BV in the center of Deventer. On top of the ING office at the Smedenstraat, 12 appartments and 2 studios are constructed. The houses are expected to be ready in july. The renting of these properties will of course start earlier than this. Soon updates will follow, so keep an eye on our Facebook page or this website!


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New ID scanner prevents identity fraud

123Wonen now uses the new Keesing ID AuthenthiScan. This new ID scanner offers the solution for checking identity documents and users can perform identity checks at expert level. 123Wonen is able to offer even more high quality service to their clients by using this advanced automated technique. 

It is important that (especially foreign) passports are checked. The AuthenthiScan reads the information in the ID document and saves this in a secured database. The picture in the document is saved with ultraviolet and infra-red light; besides that the RFID is read. This information can be compared with that in the ID document so fraud will be detected at all times. 

The ID scanner is able to perform a check where it finds out whether the document is reported as missing or stolen. The system uses a reference database in which the passport is compared with other ID documents from the same country. This way renting a house is always safe and 123Wonen can make sure no indenty fraud takes place.  

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123Wonen opens 27th office

123Wonen has opened their 27th office: you are now welcome in our office in Drenthe to find help with renting a house or leasing your home. With this 27th office 123Wonen reinforces their national presence and now we are even closer to you. The office of 123Wonen Drenthe is located at the Laan van de Marel 625 in Emmen. You are very welcome to visit!

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Google invests in expansion datacenter Eemshaven

Google is expanding their datacenter in the Eemshaven of Groningen. The demand of consumers and companies for Googles' services rises; Google invests half a milliard euros in the expansion. Since the datacenter was opened in 2016, it brought approximately 2200 jobs to the Eemshaven region. These are mainly jobs in IT, security and electronics and they make Googles' services like Maps, Gmail and Youtube possible. 123Wonen Groningen collaborates with home owners in the Eemshaven to rent out houses to employees in the region. 

Technology in Groningen
The expansion of the datacenter results in Groningen having a lot to offer for international technology companies. Renewable energy, well skilled staff and excellent ICT connections. Because the datacenter is located in the Eemshaven, it is more and more appealing for other technology companies to choose Groningen as their location. 

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