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In 2021, the police received approximately 23,500 reports of burglaries. In 2020, there were more than 30,000 reports, the police had identified 8,440 suspects. In 2021, according to Statistics Netherlands, the number was 2,110. This is a 75 percent decrease. According to criminologist Jesper van der Kemp of Vrij Universiteit, the number of burglaries is decreasing because homes appear to be better protected. There are a number of scientific studies around the world that show that better security reduces the amount of burglaries. There are many different ways of ensuring your home is secure. Think of cameras, locks and alarm systems that work excellently to keep burglars out. There are also more and more traceable devices that people have in their homes. Phones can be traced faster than before. However, it still happens. The police therefore have the following tips: - Leave a light on, close windows and lock doors - Use hinges and locks approved by the PKVW - Also lock the garden gate and the shed Source: Nu.nl

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Smoke detectors will become mandatory in rental properties from the 1st of July, 2022.  Landlords are responsible for ensuring compliance with this new regulation.  Municipalities can issue fines for non-compliance, and insurance providers may not cover damages in the event of a file. Rent reductions could also be demanded by tenants if the house does not meet the requirements.  Read how you can easily meet the requirements at: (Dutch) https://www.123wonen.nl/rookmelders-verplicht-voor-huurwoningen

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Major energy companies such as Eneco, Essent, Greenchoice and Vattenfall are coming up with a new plan to help consumers. Recently, energy prices have skyrocketed, and consumers are paying the price. As a result, more and more consumers are getting into financial difficulties. Energy companies want to help consumers use gas and electricity more consciously. They will do this by means of tips and an energy coach who can come to homeowners houses and advise.  In addition to this personalised advice, the companies want to point consumers towards existing financial help, such as a government compensation of 800 euros that is available for social minimums. We are also looking to help people with payment problems. The collaborations between the companies are from the public as well as private parties. They want to work towards a financially healthy Netherlands. The prices of many other products are also rising, bringing inflation to 6.4 percent. This is the highest level in 40 years. Information institute Nibud warned that rising prices will lead to more poverty in the Netherlands. According to the institute, hundreds of thousands of households could get into financial difficulty

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It was the season of the Eredivisie last weekend: FC Twente vs PSV, with no less than 6 goals.   What made the competition even more beautiful, of course, were the LED signs featuring the logos of iQ Makelaars, and 123Wonen! We are very proud of our beautiful brands and the great collaboration with FC Twente!

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123Wonen welcomes Pascal van Kempen as its new franchisee in Noord-Midden Limburg! Pascal and Jolanda are ready to offer their rental services to tenants and home owners in the area. As a rental agent, Pascal is always interested in the wishes and opinions of his clients. Finding a dream home is a very personal thing, whether it concerns an owner-occupied or a rental home. Paying attention to each customer and their ideas is therefore something he highly values. Jolanda will be at his side to make the customer experience positive and pleasant for every client. She will also be involved in the rental process, and she is happy to help you with all of your questions and concerns. 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg is your professional real estate rental agency!  If you are looking for a rental home or a new tenant, 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg is more than welcome to help. We mediate in the rental process of houses, apartments, studios or rooms in the area, using a fair and transparent method. Our knowledge of the local housing market always allows us to quickly find a suitable match. At 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg, we are not satisfied until you are. Our team is highly motivated to provide you with adequate advice and a fitting solution. Feel free to contact us: Pascal and Jolanda are happy to help! 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg Diepstraat 3 6101 AT Echt Phone number:   0475 - 76 00 76 Email address:   LimburgNoordMidden@123wonen.nl Website: https://www.123wonen.nl/verhuurmakelaar/noord-midden-limburg

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