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123Wonen welcomes Pascal van Kempen as its new franchisee in Noord-Midden Limburg! Pascal and Jolanda van Kempen are ready to offer their rental services to tenants and home owners in the area. As a rental agent, Pascal is always interested in the wishes and opinions of his clients. Finding a dream home is a very personal thing, whether it concerns an owner-occupied or a rental home. Paying attention to each customer and their ideas is therefore something he highly values. Jolanda will be at his side to make the customer experience positive and pleasant for every client. She will also be involved in the rental process, and she is happy to help you with all of your questions and concerns. 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg is your professional real estate rental agency!  If you are looking for a rental home or a new tenant, 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg is more than welcome to help. We mediate in the rental process of houses, apartments, studios or rooms in the area, using a fair and transparent method. Our knowledge of the local housing market always allows us to quickly find a suitable match. At 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg, we are not satisfied until you are. Our team is highly motivated to provide you with adequate advice and a fitting solution. Feel free to contact us: Pascal and Jolanda are happy to help! 123Wonen Noord-Midden Limburg Diepstraat 3 6101 AT Echt Phone number:   0475 - 76 00 76 Email address:   LimburgNoordMidden@123wonen.nl Website: https://www.123wonen.nl/verhuurmakelaar/noord-midden-limburg

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123Wonen celebrates a company milestone: we welcome our 30th franchisee, Conny Meesters! As of May 2021, Conny is responsible for our office in the region of Gouda-Woerden. Our franchise formula, founded in 2009, has grown from 1 to 30 offices within 12 years! All of our local offices are experts in mediating between home owner and tenant, and they are able find a suitable match for every situation. Due to our international connections, we also specialize in renting out to expats. Whether it concerns a room or a villa, in Groningen or Maastricht, we are here to offer our high-quality services. 123Wonen is the only property manager operating throughout the entire country, which means there is always an 123Wonen office nearby. Our professional rental agents have extensive knowledge of the local housing market, and are able to act quick. With our financial and technical property management, your property is in good hands. We are even able to assist you with buying investment property.  Feel free to contact an 123Wonen rental agent in your area for more information about our services!

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After several successful years, Jan-Douwe Streekstra, former owner of 123Wonen Friesland, has decided to hand over the ownership to Andries Kamminga and Jan Sjuk de Bruin. Jan-Douwe will move his focus to sales brokerage at iQ Makelaars Noord-Oost Friesland. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours!  Brand-new owners Andries Kamminga and Jan Sjuk de Bruin are more than happy to introduce themselves and their office!  Welcome to 123Wonen Friesland: your rental agency in the province of Friesland! We operate throughout the entire region, including the cities Leeuwarden, Drachten, Sneek, Heerenveen en Dokkum. Are you looking for a new tenant or a new rental home? 123Wonen Friesland is an expert in real estate leasing, and we are more than welcome to help you.   A fitting solution in every situation Are you moving abroad for work? Or do you wish to rent out your old home after moving? We are always able to find a suitable and reliable tenant, whatever the occasion. Are you an investor, looking for a reliable rental agent and/or manager? We have a great deal of experience with new construction and housing transformation projects, which allows us to give adequate advice on the purchase, building plans and management. At 123Wonen Friesland, we also offer financial and technical property management. With our management your property will be in good hands, and there is nothing for you to worry about during the rental period. Feel free to contact 123Wonen Friesland for more information and a non-binding conversation. At 123Wonen Friesland, we are glad to be of service!   123Wonen Friesland Tijnjedyk 89 8936 AC Leeuwarden Phone number: 058 203 77 77 Email address: friesland@123wonen.nl Website: 123Wonen Friesland

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From next year, homeowners who want to take out or change a mortgage will be obliged to have a traditional appraisal report made. The Dutch Bank is now being driven by an exception to the new European guideline. According to Vereniging Eigen Huis, it costs a lot of time and money but does not yield anything extra. From June 2021, a traditional valuation report must be drawn up when someone wants to take out a mortgage. The report costs 400 to 500 euros, while at the moment a model valuation of a few tens is often enough. From 2022, this will also apply to homeowners who want to change their current mortgage, for example for a renovation. Source: RTL Z

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Because housing is an important need and we do not want to let you down in these turbulent times, our real estate agents will remain as active as possible for you during the Corona circumstances. General meetings In personal contact we will keep a distance of 1,5 meters minimum. We also like to greet you in another way than shaking ones' hand. Further, the precausions as advised by the RIVM will be taken into account: https://www.rivm.nl/coronavirus/covid-19 Only employees of 123Wonen who are feeling 100% well will be working, in line with the advice from the RIVM. If you do not feel 100% well, we kindly ask you to not schedule an appointment in which you will be present physically. Of course we welcome you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.  Our employees will work from home where possible, therefore why we might be less reachable than you are accustomed to.  Renting out a house To ensure that your schedule will not be delayed, we will remain active in advice regarding housing and renting. Are you considering to rent out your house, our real estate agents will still visit you. It is, after all, necessary for us to see the house to give you the best advice. Also for the photography of the house our presence is necessary. We can have a personal conversation while still remaining the needed distance.  Viewings Viewings will be held with as little people at the same time as possible, preferably only the possible tenant(s). If you feel only slightly feverish, we kindly ask you to cancel the physical viewing.  When you prefer a video viewing, this will be facilitated by Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. You can trust that the present 123Wonen employee will fully and sincerely inform you about the "look and feel" of the house, so you can make a choice based on that information.  Key exchanges Contractual appointments will be kept, if you want to deviate from this considering the circumstances we can see if this is possible. 

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