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Energy companies plan against rising energy prices



Major energy companies such as Eneco, Essent, Greenchoice and Vattenfall are coming up with a new plan to help consumers. Recently, energy prices have skyrocketed, and consumers are paying the price. As a result, more and more consumers are getting into financial difficulties. Energy companies want to help consumers use gas and electricity more consciously. They will do this by means of tips and an energy coach who can come to homeowners houses and advise. 

In addition to this personalised advice, the companies want to point consumers towards existing financial help, such as a government compensation of 800 euros that is available for social minimums. We are also looking to help people with payment problems. The collaborations between the companies are from the public as well as private parties. They want to work towards a financially healthy Netherlands.

The prices of many other products are also rising, bringing inflation to 6.4 percent. This is the highest level in 40 years. Information institute Nibud warned that rising prices will lead to more poverty in the Netherlands. According to the institute, hundreds of thousands of households could get into financial difficulty

Publication date 13/04/2022