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Google buys new land in Holland to build datacenter


Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has bought new land the size of 173 acres in the North of Holland. The goal is to build a new datacenter on this land, but this is not yet final. Google also owns a datacenter in the Eemshaven in Groningen, where they recently invested 500 million euros. 

Profit for the region
The new Google building will be located close to the A7 highway. A datacenter by Microsoft is also located here. When Google builds their datacenter, this will benefit the economic situation in the region. A lot of companies will profit from the construction: it will deliver approximately thousand jobs, and also a few hundred when the building is being used. 

Alphabet is expanding throughout all of Europe. Besides the Netherlands, the company has also bought land in Danmark, Sweden and Luxembourg. Also in Belgium Google invested in expansion. The reason for the datacenter growth is the ascending demand for services of Google, Youtube and Gmail. 

Publication date 15/06/2018