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Living on a recreational park will be legal



To help starters and elderly people get a house, government parties VVD and D66 want to legalize living on holiday parks. They have asked minister Stientje van Veldhoven (Living situations) to take action. A majority of the second chamber has agreed to legalising permanent living on recreational parks.

It is illegal to live on most holiday parks throughout the year. By estimate, 55.000 people illegaly live in a holiday home the whole year. This concerns older people but also starters who cannot find an affordable house. 

Holiday homes could be legalised already. But it costs a lot of time and money to change the destination plan, that is why most principalities don't do it. When living on a recreational park is legalized, this will gain the same rights as other inhabitans.  

Source: RTL Nieuws

Publication date 15/01/2020