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New ID scanner prevents identity fraud


123Wonen now uses the new Keesing ID AuthenthiScan. This new ID scanner offers the solution for checking identity documents and users can perform identity checks at expert level. 123Wonen is able to offer even more high quality service to their clients by using this advanced automated technique. 

It is important that (especially foreign) passports are checked. The AuthenthiScan reads the information in the ID document and saves this in a secured database. The picture in the document is saved with ultraviolet and infra-red light; besides that the RFID is read. This information can be compared with that in the ID document so fraud will be detected at all times. 

The ID scanner is able to perform a check where it finds out whether the document is reported as missing or stolen. The system uses a reference database in which the passport is compared with other ID documents from the same country. This way renting a house is always safe and 123Wonen can make sure no indenty fraud takes place.  

Publication date 23/03/2018