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The number of home burglaries has quickly fallen again in the past year. This has been going on for the past ten years. How is this possible?



In 2021, the police received approximately 23,500 reports of burglaries. In 2020, there were more than 30,000 reports, the police had identified 8,440 suspects. In 2021, according to Statistics Netherlands, the number was 2,110. This is a 75 percent decrease.

According to criminologist Jesper van der Kemp of Vrij Universiteit, the number of burglaries is decreasing because homes appear to be better protected. There are a number of scientific studies around the world that show that better security reduces the amount of burglaries.

There are many different ways of ensuring your home is secure. Think of cameras, locks and alarm systems that work excellently to keep burglars out. There are also more and more traceable devices that people have in their homes. Phones can be traced faster than before.

However, it still happens. The police therefore have the following tips:

- Leave a light on, close windows and lock doors

- Use hinges and locks approved by the PKVW

- Also lock the garden gate and the shed

Source: Nu.nl

Publication date 24/05/2022