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The parliament wants more attention for tenants in the middle segment


The parliament wants family households with low medium incomes, who currently earn too much for social housing, receive a chance for this anyway. For the one person households it will be more difficult to receive social housing with these new rules. The plans of the parliament consist of the plan to let the income norm for social housing (38.000 for all households) depend on the composition of a household. This way, people who together earn more than the norm still get the chance to live in social housing. According to minister Kajsa Ollongren this is to create more attention for the middle segment in renting.

In these plans, one person households are reduced in their chance to receive social housing. According to the Woonbond and Corporation Aedes this is a worrysome development. It is exactly this group that finds theirselve in trouble with finding a house. The parliament wants that not more Dutch citizens apply for social housing, but less. The policy should be based on actual succes rates. Besides this, the parliament organises a so called 'Emergency button' for the middle rent sector in all communities with high increases in price in the free sector. This way the parliament can determine a maximum price for a house. This rule only applies for houses that are new to rent. 

Source: AD

Publication date 28/02/2019