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Property management

To mediate. To manage. To watch over. 123Wonen is your trusted real estate partner. We take care of your property, so you do not have to worry about it.

If you have your properties entrusted to us, we will always keep you informed about the current state of affairs. Our office is located at a short distance from the assets that we manage. Real estate management means we are continuously on the lookout. We make sure everything runs smoothly. Think for example about technical management, contact with potential tenants and administration.

Nothing to worry about

If you let us manage your real estate, you do not have to worry about it anymore. We ensure that the property remains in perfect condition, we take care of the administration, and we manage the legal and fiscal part of your real estate. Besides, we will keep in touch with you at all times.

Together we will accomplish your objectives

Satisfied tenants, good maintenance, care for the environment, proper execution of lease contracts and rapid rentals, provide you property investment continuity. Your regular contact persons of 123Wonen Vastgoedbeheer are always closely involved and can offer you a broad range of real estate services. A 24/7 reachability for you and your tenants, adequate processing of service requests, an always up-to-date administration and contact at all times. In this way, commitment and decisiveness will be ensured.

As an experienced real estate manager, 123Wonen is closely involved in you and your tenants, enabling us to act quickly and efficiently. Our office is located at a short distance from your estate, whereby the office executes the technical, financial and administrative support for you.

Higher rental income, better tenants, improvement of your property objects and the surrounding area provide value growth of your real estate investments.

Satisfied tenants

During the rental period, 123Wonen will be the first line of contact for all tenants. For any questions of technical, financial or administrative nature, they can come to us. Complaints are handled immediately and together with you; we will take the necessary measures. Your real estate manager will collect the rent, so you can be ensured it is always collected in a timely manner. Your tenants will receive a high-quality rental property and an excellent service whereby they respect your property and will extend their rental period. In short, as well you as your tenants will be satisfied.

Do you want to leave your real estate management to a reliable and specialized company? Please contact 123Wonen, and we will discuss the possibilities!