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Is your tenant causing problems?

 Has your property been damaged by your tenant? 123Wonen works closely with SBWH, a foundation that fights against housing fraud and growing hemp. They are specialised in prevention and acting upon housing fraud. This includes subletting, growing hemp and other related issues.

Besides providing advice on how a landlord can take preventative measures, 123Wonen supports you, together with SBWH, with advice and actions to combat housing fraud effectively. SBWH is a civil law expert in recovering damages from the offender. For example, if you discover that your tenants are growing hemp in your property you will be supported by them in any contact you have with the police. They will help you with filing a report to the police and recover the damages from the person growing hemp.

There are various forms of housing fraud which can cause damages for you as a landlord: subletting, squatting,overcrowding, growing hemp or nuisance.


Your tenant is subletting the property to one or more people without your permission. This can result in overcrowding, nuisance, damage to your property and fire hazards. In short, you don’t have control of your property.


Your property has been empty for a while and suddenly people you don’t know are living in your property. How do you go about getting your property back? When you get your property back there is also a high chance of it being damaged. We will help you with the eviction and recovery process.


Your tenants have several people living in your property, meaning more people live then than permitted by the municipality. You can run into trouble with the municipality and there is an increased fire hazard, nuisance and damage to your property.


Your tenant is using the house to grow hemp or processing the harvest. It is often the case that electricity is illegally taken which can cause a serious fire hazard. The effects for you as landlord could be: damage to your property and you as owner of the property can be considered as a suspect or involved in growing hemp and all the financial consequences of this, including a large electricity bill from the supplier.


The tenants of your property are causing a lot of nuisance, for example drug trafficking in your property, noise and problems with the neighbours.

If you are facing any of the above problems, feel free to contact us at 123Wonen. Together with SBWH we can help you to solve the problems.