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Prior and final inspections

Check in and check out of your home

Do you want to rent your property? Then it is wise that we conduct an inspection of the property together before tenants move in and when tenants leave. This will include taking photos of the situation before and after. This will prevent issues later on, as you as a landlord have proof of how the property was delivered to the tenants at the start of the rental period. Your tenant is responsible for delivering the property in the state it was left in when they started living there. As a landlord you have the evidence to show if there is any damage which wasn’t present during the prior check.

You can only claim a reduction on the security deposit as settlement if you have a complete inspection report.

123Wonen has ample experience with prior and final inspections of housing. We work with an extensive inspection form, take numerous photos, take note of the meter readings, the number of keys and check that all appliances are working. We find it important that you rent out your property wisely. Please contact us at one of our branches across the Netherlands.