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Calculating the rental price

Curious about the rental price for your house, room or apartment? You can easily calculate it with our handy tool.

The result of the rent calculator gives you a price indication for your rental property. The result mostly is a national average. This means that in real terms your rent can be lower or higher compared to our calculation.

Determining the rent

In a liberal rental market, landlords and tenants are free to agree on the rental price. These rights are however limited by law calling in several regulations, mostly to protect the tenant. This means among others that the tenant can make the rental commission check the bare rental price and the service costs.

The calculation of our rent calculator is merely indicative. The rent can be higher when the property is situated in scarcity areas in big cities (the so called Donnerpunten) or when the house is in perfect condition and on a fine location. But it is also possible that your actual rent is lower than the result of the rent calculator.

Calculate now!

A real estate agent of 123Wonen will contact you to calculate the exact rent of your house, free of obligations and costs. Register the exact data of the house you want to calculate the rent for and get a flying start in renting your property. Fun and financially appealing!

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