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Renting via 123Wonen

You want to rent a nice house in the private sector through a reliable real estate rental agent with a trustworthy landlord. That makes complete sense to us.

123Wonen is successful, fast-growing, innovative and ambitious. Renting in the private sector through us means clear communication, personal contact, fast and friendly service and always a transparent work process. Your new home can be arranged within one day. Click here for the available houses and register now.

Your house can be arranged with us within 1 day!


As a tenant, you don’t have to pay a registration fee to 123Wonen to be considered for rental accommodation. No costs and always certainty. You only have to pay when you have found a house that meets your requirements. This is how we work, with a no win no fee method. We see this as the only fair method, you’re happy, we’re happy.

Rent in the private sector, now!

Effortlessly rent a private sector property through 123Wonen in the areas of Twente, Flevoland, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Utrecht, Breda and many more areas. We guarantee that there are no waiting lists, because that is the advantage of looking for property in the private sector. Quick and effortlessly browse through our website to find a great rental house for you. You won’t have to wait for a house; you can rent a house whenever you want. The private rental sector is interesting for you as well as us. We can find the nicest houses available on the market and are then able to offer them to you straight away. We show you that it’s possible to find a home quickly and easily. If you aren’t in a hurry to find somewhere to live, but want to see what we have on offer, register to receive our e-mail with our latest properties in your area.

The convenience of the internet

Being online is important for us. We are committed to making it easy to be found, having a high rank on Google and automatically offer our homes on many other portals and other popular websites. We are always on the lookout for developments to be able to provide you with an even better service. We are distinctive, we learn from the best, we work together to find the best and are rapidly growing, but we always want to find ways to improve. As a person who rents you can always share your thoughts on how we can improve further. If you notice something, you can always let us know, or ask a question.


  • No waiting lists, your new home can be arranged within 1 day!
  • Free registration
  • A daily e-mail update of the newest properties, including photo’s
  • A personal approach