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What are the costs? What happens in case several people are interested in the same property? Which information do I need to share as the owner? Are pets allowed in a rental property of 123Wonen?

We quite understand that renting also involves a lot of unanswered questions. We listed all frequently asked questions. Comes in handy! See for yourself whether your question is answered too.  

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What is the registration fee at 123Wonen?
Registration is for free and without obligations. Looking for a living space immediately? Register here!

Do you have to register in order to see the property?
Before seeing the property, you have to register on our website. This information does not only allow us to make an inventory of your housing preferences, it also makes it possible to talk to the owner and verify whether he/she is willing to rent the property to you.

What are the expected costs when I rent a real estate via 123Wonen?
123Wonen does not charge any costs to register or to view a house. It is entirely for free! With most of the properties online we act on behalf of the landlord in which case you do not pay mediation fees. Often it involves only a small fee for administration or reservation. This is always clearly stated. In case we act as real estate agent for you, there are mediation fees to be taken into account. The fee(s) charged, include the expenses made or to be made related to the job, unless mentioned otherwise. The fee basically equals the Gross monthly rental price as indicated in the rental contract at the start of the rent. This fee is a fixed sum based upon the principle no cure no pay. You only have to pay when you are actually renting the property. That is only fair.

Are there individual visits?
Yes, basically there are individual visits together with a real estate agent of 123Wonen. Contact one of our offices close by for additional information about our method of working.

Is it obligatory to have an inspection before and after?
123Wonen always advises to have an inspection of the living space before and after. 123Wonen can prepare your rental property to perfection in order to rent. When executing the inspection, it always involves taking a lot of pictures, describing the furniture, reading the meters, etc. In a standard way, we also write an inspection report. These inspection costs are included in the no cure no pay price you pay when choosing 123Wonen as your real estate agent.

I have my own company. What kind of information is expected of me?
When you have your own company or when you are self-employed, the owner of the property wants the same level of security before renting the house. Entrepreneurship does not have to be an obstacle, on the contrary! To be on the safe side, the landlord will ask you to prove your income by showing for instance a profit-and-loss account, an account declaration or a copy of your income tax. This way, you can prove your income as a freelancer and the rental procedure can be completed.

Can I apply for rent subsidy for a rental house?
Whether or not you can apply for rent subsidy for a property, depends on several regulations and you have to fulfill different conditions. The level of rent, for instance, is one of the determinant factors. Also your personal financial situation is taken into account. The exact and current conditions concerning rent subsidy can be found on the website of the tax department. In case of doubt, you can ask advice to a legal specialist or call one of our staff members.

I have pets, can I rent a house/apartment/room via 123Wonen?
Whether or not you can keep pets in a rental house via 123Wonen depends on the landlord. Are you looking for a rental property and do you have pets? Make sure you inform us about this as soon as possible. We then can verify whether or not your pet is welcome in the property to your likings.

What happens in case several people are interested in renting the same property?
In case you want to rent and there are more candidates, the ultimate choice will be made by the landlord himself. As a real estate agent, we try to live up to the wishes of the landlord and we will assist you in finding the house of your dreams. Good counselling is half the job.